Reading Planner Notion Template

Reading Planner Notion Template

Book lovers - here is another way to enhance your reading experience. This Notion template is designed to make reading a visual journey.  Arrange your library, and quotes you love, keep track of upcoming releases, see your favorite authors and genres, and so much more.


Easily plan and track your books so that you don't have to struggle to find out which books you enjoyed most. Created by a fellow book-lover, this reading planner Notion template is designed to organize your reading library and have more fun.  Share a favorite quote, recommend a book, or see their rating on mass favorites, this spreadsheet has all the information in one place.

With intuitive design and easy-to-use features, they will be able to easily streamline their reading experience.

How can you use this: 

Use it as your own or sell it in your shop to help other book lovers out there.

What is included:
- My Library
- Bookshelf
- Quotes Collection
- Reading Wishlist
- Release Calendar
- Reading Journal
- Reading Habit


  • YES Completed product can be sold or given away 

  • YES Text and images can be edited/deleted but individual elements cannot be deconstructed/extracted

  • YES Can be branded as your own

  • YES Completed product can be added to paid or free membership sites

  • YES Can be bundled with other products to make a bigger, more premium product

  • NO Cannot be copyrighted

  • NO Cannot share the download page with others

  • NO Cannot pass on the PLR rights to others whether for sale, for free, or on membership sites. You must sell or give away a completed product only. The PPTX source files or PNG elements may not be passed on.

  • NO Cannot use the PlannerforAll name on the finished product

NOTE: You will receive access to the file once the payment is complete. As this is a digital download with PLR rights, there are no refunds. All sales are final.


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