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Spring is the perfect time when people start cleaning and decluttering. Help them plan their cleaning activities better with this fun, easy-to-use Spring Decluttering Planner Spreadsheet.

Did someone say spreadsheets are boring?

Not anymore! This is not your usual run-of-the-mill spreadsheet. This is a gorgeous spreadsheet that looks visually appealing, yet worse like a charm. Your customers can easily plan their decluttering activities to enjoy a clean home in no time.


I have created and sold hundreds of spreadsheets. And today I want to help you launch your first (or next) spreadsheet product in a jiffy. But hang on….why should you sell spreadsheets in the first place?


Make More Money

Spreadsheets that solve a specific problem are time consuming or outright difficult to create. So customers are ready to pay more as compared to typical printables.

Product Variety

Different people want different solutions to similar problems. Spreadsheets make an excellent product to offer on their own or complimentary to your signature offer. Customers appreciate variety of options. Give them those options.

Automation Friendly

This spreadsheet is highly automated to make your customers’ life easy. They can use sample filled tables to plan their decluttering activities and use charts & calculations to track their progress.

And here is the easy way to sell premium spreadsheets….

A DFY Spreadsheet Template

Commercial Rights Included

People take up cleaning and decluttering activities during spring.

Help them plan their activities better so that they can clean their homes in no time while ensuring all decluttering tasks are done.

Just customize, and you are ready to sell a premium product in your shop.

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When you buy today here is what you will get

SPRing decluttering

Spring decluttering planner template in Google Sheets format with automated calculations and visually appealing charts.

Plan your decluttering activities per room or category.

Use the 30-day decluttering challenge to declutter without overwhelm.

Spreadsheet tutorial

Your purchase includes a detailed customization guide on how to make this template your own, brand it for your business, and sell it in your shop for a premium customer experience.

No need to spend hours exploring how exactly to deliver this to your customers.

Commercial License

This Spring Decluttering spreadsheet is great for self-use.

But your purchase also includes commercial use rights which means you can sell the end product in your shop and make lots of money.

See the spreadsheet in action

What can you do with this template?

  • Sell it in your shop – you get commercial rights so you can sell this in your shop
  • Give it away – you can use it to build your email list by giving it away
  • Customize it to meet your brand – add font/icon/images to make it yours
  • Only thing you can’t do – you can’t pass on PLR rights or resell rights to this template. You get commercial rights but you can only sell or give away as personal use product

This is right for you if you..

  • want to sell a premium spreadsheet product in the shop
  • don’t want to spend days or hours learning everything about spreadsheet
  • want someone to tell you how best to package & deliver your spreadsheet to customers
  • Want to tap into the experience and on-time support of someone who has already done it

Yours’s Today for Only $12

  • Spring Decluttering Spreadsheet with
  • Room-wise decluttering plan
  • Category-wise decluttering plan
  • 30 Days decluttering challenge
  • Visually appealing charts & images
  • Tutorial on how to customize the sheet
  • Steps on how to package to deliver it for a premium customer experience
  • Commercial license to sell unlimited times

No thanks, I don’t want this


You get commercial license to the template. You can sell for money or give it away for free as you wish.

Your customers can use it only for PERSONAL USE. You cannot pass PLR rights or commercial rights to your customers.

The Spring Decluttering planner is in Google Sheets format. Your customers can access it with free Google account.

The customization tutorials are a mix of video and text so you can choose whichever version works best for you.

Due to the intangible nature of these products, I don’t offer a return on any purchase. Once downloaded, there is no way for me to control whether the product has been really returned or not. So, for this reason, I don’t offer a return.

Please contact me at neha[at] for any clarification before purchase.

Absolutely. I will give you detailed instructions on how to customize it and deliver it to your customers.

If you still need any support, I’m happy to help you as and when needed.

Have a question not answered here? Drop me a mail at neha[at] and I will reply as soon as possible.

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