how to integrate google calendar with pdf digital planners

Up-level your digital planners

A step-by-step workshop that covers how to integrate your digital planners with Google Calendars to make more money.

Are you a digital planner shop owner struggling to create beautiful planners with Google Calendar integration?

Do you find yourself constantly battling with design skills and the time-consuming process of learning how to integrate digital planners effectively?

Does this sound like you…

selling Canva templates on Etsy
  • You want to offer something new in your digital planner shop
  • You have seen others offer digital planners integrated with Google Calendar
  • You want to offer similar digital planners but don’t know where to start
  • You are busy with important things, you don’t want to spend hours watching YouTube videos or creating links that may not work
  • You want to charge higher prices for your digital planners

What are Google Calendar Events and why people are paying more for them?

This is next-level integration where you can add any reminder in Google Calendar directly from their digital planners. With this integration, customers get reminders on all their synced devices making it easy for them to keep track of upcoming events.


Creating Google Events can be tricky, manual, and error-prone.

That’s why I created…

how to integrate google calendar with pdf digital planners

A self-paced, easy-to-consume course to help you integrate your digital planners with Google Calendar in the afternoon.

With our no-fluff, bite-sized video tutorials, you’ll be easily able to upgrade your digital planners to the next level by integrating them with Google Calendar events.

You also get Google Event links you can directly use to integrate with Google Calendars – saving you days of effort and mistakes.

Why do you need this?

The digital planner niche is ever-evolving. Delight your customers with these new offerings and make planning super-easy and pleasant for them.

Many Etsy owners are offering digital planners with Google Calendar integration and charging higher prices.

Do you want to charge higher prices for your digital planners?

It can’t get easier than this…

These digital planners are popular on Etsy..don’t be left behind!


Here is what you will learn

1. DESIGN YOUR PLANNER– Decide the best format and layout for your digital planner. Understand what kind of planners work best

2. CALENDAR MYSTERY – Understand what are Google Calendar Event links and how to use them in your digital planners

3. INTEGRATE & TEST– Learn how to use the calendar links in your planner and test to ensure everything works as expected.

Who is it for?

Etsy shop owners and digital planner creators looking to upgrade their existing digital planner suite and charge a premium price for it.

Did someone say bonus??

In addition to step-by-step Videos, you also receive these bonuses to save you hours.

learn how to integrate digital planner with Google Calendar events.png.png

Bonus 1 – Google Calendar Events Repository for 3 Years ($300)

Creating Google Calendar links manually can be a tedious job. With this course you will receive a database of 3 years’ worth of Google Calendar event links you can just copy-paste into your planner.

Easily create next year’s digital planners without spending creating calendar links from scratch.

BONUS 2 – Google Event Generator Template ($450)

Want to link to a specific time that is not included in the database? No problem! You will receive Google Event Generator – a handy tool to create any event for any day or time.

Easily generate Google Calendar events for any month, year, day, hour, half-hour, or specific time block and integrate them with your digital planner.

BONUS 3 – Digital Planner Template with Commercial Rights ($37)

Get a completely Done-For-You 2024 weekly digital planner in PowerPoint format with all the dates linked to respective Google Calendar links. You get commercial rights to the planner so you can customize and sell it in your shop today.

Once again.. for one one-time fee, you get…

  • Ongoing access to all videos on how to integrate Google Calendar with your digital planners
  • Bonus 1 – DFY 2024 Weekly Planner in PowerPoint format with all the dates linked to Google Calendar events ($37)
  • Bonus 2 – Google Calendar events repository for 3 years ($300)
  • Bonus 3 – Google Events Generator to help you generate Google events for any day, month, year, or time block ($450)

With bonuses worth more than $780


Most of the lessons are in video format.

Google event links and events generators are shared in Google Sheets format.

2024 digital planner is in PowerPoint format.

Your purchase includes Google calendar links for up to 3 years (2024, 2025,& 2026).

While all concerns will be taken to keep these updated, you also get a custom event link generator where I will show you how you can generate Google calendar links for any day, month, or year so that you can easily integrate future planners without spending hours.

Due to the intangible nature of these products, I don’t offer a return on any purchase. Once downloaded, there is no way for me to control whether the product has been really returned or not. So, for this reason, I don’t offer a return.

Please contact me at neha[at] for any clarification before purchase.

No, this course will give a quick overview of what kind of digital planners work best for integrating with Google Calendars. But designing a digital planner from scratch IS NOT included in this course.

If you still need any support, I’m happy to help you as and when needed.

Have a question not answered here? Drop me a mail at neha[at] and I will reply as soon as possible.

In case we haven’t met before…‚Äč


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