How to Sell Canva Templates for Passive Income

Continuing with our series of digital products you can sell for passive income, today we will look how can use Canva templates to sell on Etsy.

Selling Canva templates online is a simple and effective way to generate passive income. By creating and selling various designs, you can earn up to $100 a day without breaking a sweat. Whether it’s social media posts, business cards, or resumes, the possibilities are endless. With just a laptop and some creativity, you can start earning money through this hassle-free method.

How o sell Canva templates on Etsy

What is Canva & how to use it for passive income

Canva is a web-based graphic design tool that offers a range of templates, photos, illustrations, and fonts, allowing users to customize and design their own digital content. With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, users can easily manipulate elements to suit their specific needs, making it a valuable resource for individuals looking to create and sell digital products.

Don’t yet have Canva? You can sign up here . You can do majority of stuff with free Canva account, but you would need paid Canva Pro account to sell Canva templates.


Step by step guide to selling Canva templates

Let’s see step-by-step guide to get you started selling Canva templates…

Step 1 – Identify your niche

Before diving into the world of selling Canva templates, it’s crucial to identify your niche. This involves understanding the popular types of Canva templates, identifying what ignites your passion and what problem you want to solve for your customers.

Step 2 – Research your target market

Researching your target market is continuation of identifying your niche. Once you know, what (niche) you want to sell, you want to be clear on who (target audience) you want to sell to.

Your target audience will also drive. a lot of your business decisions. For example, if you use paid Canva elements in your templates, then your customers would need paid Canva pro account to use those elements.

Now, if your target audience is other business owners then most likely they would already have Canva Pro account, so you can use Pro elements in your elements.

But if your target audience is end-user consumer then it’s more likely that they dont have Canva Pro account. Quite possible, they had never heard of Canva before you told them. So you want to make it as easy for them to use your templates as possible.Use free Canva elements so they can use your entire template without having to pay for Pro account.

selling Canva templates on Etsy

Step 3 – Setting Up Your Canva Account

Once you have identified your niche & target audience, its time to dive inapt he exciting world of Canva. Sign up for a Canva account and explore the features it offers. Canva provides a user-friendly interface, making it easy to navigate and create visually appealing designs. Once your account is set up, familiarize yourself with the various design elements, such as fonts, colors, and layout options, to begin crafting your templates. 

Step 4 – Design your templates

Now that you have your account setup, you are ready to start designing your templates. When creating Canva templates, it’s crucial to make them visually appealing. Consider aspects like color psychology, typography, and composition to ensure your templates stand out. Incorporating trending design styles and staying updated with current design trends can also enhance the attractiveness of your templates.

Ensure that the templates are easy to customize and edit, allowing users to personalize them effortlessly. Providing clear instructions and organizing design elements logically will enhance the usability of your templates.

Easily create your next digital product with this template

Step 5 – Setup your shop

Once you have your templates ready to sell, you need a storefront to sell them. You can set up an Etsy shop, Gumroad, or Payhip which are easy to get started with selling digital products.

Etsy is a great place to sell Canva templates. Make sure your shop is using proper keywords to indicate your niches, target audience, and what you do.

Dont spend too much time customizing your store, focus your efforts on creating more and more Canva templates solving your people’s problems.

Step 6 – Pricing your template

Conduct cost analysis for your template designs. Consider the time and effort invested in creating the templates, any outsourced design elements, and the overhead costs associated with maintaining your Canva presence. You want to set a price that feels good to you for your efforts, and is also competitive for your niche.

Analyze the pricing of similar templates to gauge the market standards. Utilize this information to position your pricing effectively. Offering unique design elements or enhanced customer support can justify higher prices and distinguish your templates from competitors.

selling printable planners on etsy

Step 7 – Marketing your templates

You can market your Canva templates on social media, or SEO. This is where Etsy has a great advantage over other marketplaces. Etsy has a built-in market of digital products, which means people are searching for what you sell.

With right Etsy SEO and marketing strategies, you can tap-into Etsy’s built-in customer base to market your Canva templates. Etsy SEO is a massive topic in itself, so I won’t cover it all here. But know you can get a head start with proper keywords in your listing descriptions, images, tags, and titles.

Step 7- After Sales Support

Providing exceptional customer service is essential in building a loyal customer base. Promptly responding to inquiries or issues with a helpful attitude can significantly boost customer satisfaction. Utilize clear and friendly communication, offering assistance with template customization and troubleshooting.

A positive customer service experience can lead to repeat purchases and referrals.

Step 8 – Increasing your sales

Once you have your first (or more) sales under your pocket, how do you increase your sales. There are two methods to increase your profits (note..I said profit not sales).

First is to get more people to buy your products. This means getting more and more people to buy your templates. You need to work on SEO, social media, driving traffic to your store and converting that traffic into buying customers.

Second method is to sell more to traffic that you are already getting. You can do this by offering bundles or discounts for multiple template purchases.

Bundling related templates together can create additional value for customers while encouraging larger purchases.

Apart from bundling, you can offer periodic discounts or promotions to attract new buyers and reward loyal customers, driving sales and increasing your overall revenue.

Step 9 – Scaling you business

Even though it might be easier to getting started with selling Canva templates, it is crucial to consider it as. long-run game to make it a profitable business.

Regularly update your Canva templates to stay competitive in the market. By incorporating current design trends and addressing customer feedback, you can enhance the value of your offerings. Keeping your templates fresh and relevant positions your business for continued success and maintains customer interest over time.

What are the common Canva templates you can sell?

Designing new Canva template categories can be a game-changer for enhancing your product line. Introducing fresh and diverse template categories not only appeals to a wider audience but also keeps your existing customers engaged. 

Canva templates you can sell

Here are few of the high-demand Canva templates you can design and sell…

Business to consumers – these products are for end-users. You generally sell these with personal use rights:

  • Planners & journals
  • Trackers
  • Digital Art & Wall Art
  • Digital Invitations
  • Party games
  • Journal pages

Here are few ideas for business to business Canva templates:

  • Social Media templates
  • E-book templates
  • Course slide decks
  • Shop banners
  • Promotion materials
  • ready to sell planners
  •  Mockups and marketing material

Should you cross-sell related products

Cross-selling related products is an effective strategy to boost your Canva template sales. For example, if a customer purchases social media post templates, consider recommending matching Instagram story templates or Pinterest pin designs. This not only increases the value of the customer’s purchase but also exposes them to more of your offerings.

Collaborating with Other Designers

Collaborating with other designers can bring about fresh perspective and creativity to your Canva template business. By partnering with complementary designers, you can create bundles or collections that offer a variety of styles, catering to a broader audience while also tapping into each other’s customer base. It’s a win-win situation that fosters creativity and mutual growth.

Expanding your product line through new template categories, cross-selling related products, and collaborating with other designers is a proactive approach in increasing your Canva template sales and generating passive income.


Selling Canva templates can be a lucrative way to generate passive income. By creating various designs and selling them online, you can potentially earn up to $100 a day without needing specialized skills or qualifications. With the right marketing strategy and a keen eye for in-demand designs, you can capitalize on the millions of Canva users and establish a profitable source of income.

Give a jumpstart to your business by using these done-for-you Canva template as the starting point to your business.

Easily create your next digital product with this template

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